October 9, 2016 Stephen Limkin

Before I commit…

As part of my desire to conquer my fear of turbulence I met with GoFly Aviation at Caloundra to discuss how we could make this happen. They asked me to do a test flight in one of their training aircraft to see if I still wanted to embark on the journey of learning to fly.

It all felt extremely real when I buckled into my seat and realised that I was now a part of the aircraft. This extremely light 600Kg Sling plane and I were now one. That made me feel a little uncomfortable, so I focused on filming to take my mind off of the flight. Yes I smile and give the thumbs up at one point, but what you don’t see is I’m constantly vacillating between fun and fear. I thought it was important to show that I did enjoy the flight, as I have a fear of turbulence not a full on fear of flying.

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